Rockin’ the Fanzone



A massive well done to all the ladies from the Look-A-Lady-Ukulele group who took part in yesterday evenings performance at the Rugby Fanzone in Victoria Park, Leicester.

The LALU ladies led by Mellow Baku and Rebecca Percival took to the stage at 6pm on the eve of world mental health day to rock the audience. The group that performed represented about a third of the LALU ladies.

We met early at Peepul Enterprise, a familiar place for all, which we were thankful of what with the pre show jitters beginning to set in. From here we all made our way as one to Victoria Park Fanzone for what was to be, for most of the ladies, our first performance.

Thank you to all the guys at the Fanzone for making our arrival and set up an easy and enjoyable experience. We arrived in good time and had about an hour to get on stage and practice.

Here we all are having a good ol’ practice and really getting into the swing of things.

By this time most of the ladies pre show nervousness had vanished and their excitment and enthusiasm started to show through. But only when the lights came up and Mellow introduced everyone did it burst forth in the first of the songs they played – Springtime on my Hands – one of the ladies very own songs.


Everyone held their own and the ladies voices rang out as they performed the other songs in their repertoire including ‘Hound-dog’, ‘Three Little Birds’ and another one of their own creation, ‘City Life Blues’.

A wonderful show and a great time was had by all. The smiles on the ladies faces as they retreated from the stage after their set was truly uplifting. Well worth braving the cold.

Thank you to everyone who made a special trip to cheer on the ladies on their first performance. I hope there will be many more to come.


A special thank you to Peepul Enterprises, Juliana and Emma for all their help at workshops and practice sessions. And to Mellow and Rebecca for their guidance and support in writing and performing the songs. Also to Jemma, Lydia and Tim. We wouldn’t be here without you all.


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  1. Hi Sarah Yes that’s great. I think that next week I will do a mid project ‘ bulletin’ to send around to interested parties. Now that the WordPress site is looking so good and well ‘ populated’ In other news. I have backed the stretchy jersey fabric with calico and trimmed it up ready for the borders. It hasn’t puckered up and is nice and flat. So that has given me a lot more confidence. Gonna be at it all day tomorrow though. Jemma

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