Ceramic Success!

This Monday the 21st March saw the last session that Nita Nathwani ran for the project. We asked her to extend her session for the last few so that she could spend some time with the Coffee Morning Group. The group have made tiles and other 3d items that represents them individually. Nita asked them to express themselves, what surrounds them, the familiar, what makes them happy. The tiles are filled with patterns and motifs special to the ladies in the group.The LALU group that follows on from the Coffee Morning Group on a Monday have also made tiles and vessels.

They started off by collecting snippets of collage and drawing in a specially made personal sketchbook.  These little collections influenced the design of the ceramic items.

The tiles will be mounted onto blocks for exhibition once the project has ended. Thanks to Nita for helping the participants to create such a beautiful and individual set of work for the project. We got some very positive feedback from everyone about the ceramic experiences.

20160321_131301-1 20160321_131311-1
After the bank holiday break we welcome back fine artist Khush Nubian. She will run the last block of this pilot project and the materials will change from ceramics to textiles and collage. Thats the 4th April for the start of the final block. Please email tim Sayers tim.sayers@leicspart.nhs.uk for more info or just come along on the day we start at 1pm and finish at 3pm the sessions are free including all materials. Work produced during the sessions will be exhibited at Peepul Enterprises in June and then toured around Leicester until the end of the year.


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