LALU Exhibition and Book launch!

Don’t worry about where to start, take a deep breath, and begin…

A lovely and lively performance from the Ukulele Ladies this afternoon as they launched the exhibition of their own artworks and the book which supports the project.

Lydia introduced the ladies and all the artists who have helped to bring this project to it’s wonderful finale this afternoon. Jemma Bagley also introduced the exhibition which she has curated and Mellow Baku explained how the songs came into life. Then the ladies took over and played us some of their wonderful songs, with much of the audience joining in.

The Book is a collection of the ladies artworks, created during the Monday art sessions with Khush Nubian, Nita Nathwani and Jemma Bagley, with the songs printed alongside which have been written by the ladies with Mellow Baku and Rebecca Percival. The project has inspired some amazing work, songs inspiring artworks and vice versa. All of the work is currently on display at Peepul Enterprise, be sure to get over to see it in person. You can see a selection of the work below but there is much more to see…

This has been such an amazing project, I am so grateful to have been a part of it. I have met some amazing people. A huge thank you to everyone who helped to make this project a reality. I look forward to any future projects with anticipation and excitement…


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