Project LALU Look-A-Lady-Ukulele

A little bit about us…

Look-a-Lady-Ukulele (LALU!) is a brand new, music and visual arts based project led by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust in partnership with Peepul Enterprise. The project is designed to boost the health and wellbeing of women living across Leicester and Leicestershire. LALU brings together women from a variety of different cultures to explore their artforms and promote a broader understanding of health, wellbeing and the arts.

‘We have fun, we make up our own songs’

Eighteen months in development, LALU recently received funding from Arts Council England to run as a year long pilot. In this new expanded form, sessions take place on Mondays and Thursdays and will lead to a range of optional performances, exhibitions and publications…


Weekly music sessions take place from 2-4pm every Thursday. Sessions are led by Mellow Baku and use ukulele throughout for continuity & as a portable, sociable, economical, easy to learn instrument with recent resurgence in popularity.photo 1 copy

Sessions focus on ukulele alongside percussion, vocal and lyric writing skills. Participants are supported to master and rehearse standard songs – but also develop/sing original lyrics, drawing on varying cultural experiences – & responding to arising themes, eg: wellbeing, community, etc.


Weekly art sessions take place from 1-3pm every Monday led by Jemma Bagley, Khush Nubian & Nita Nathwani. Sessions cover everything from painting to collage, mixed media, ceramics, textiles and illustration.

Between Summer 2015 and Spring 2016 sessions will respond to lyrics from our Thursday sessions and result in a touring art exhibition and illustrated song book.

LALU aims to:

-Empower female expression via accessible, artistic conduits.

-Bring quality facilitation, exhibitions, publication & performances to diverse audiences, normally excluded on gender, religious, disability & economic grounds.

– Contribute to cultural cohesion & understanding, tackle racism & stigma by supporting diverse women to come together in activity.

– Boost artistic skills, confidence.

– Improve English literacy via song writing/reading, particularly for second language English speaking participants.

– Empower, include – by involving participants with & without disability.

What participants have said about the project so far…

‘You can start to play the ukulele at any age. It’s easy to pick up, literally.’

‘We have fun, we make up our own songs.’

‘Ukulele’s make a light happy sound.’

‘It’s portable you can carry it around with you and fit it into your day.’

‘I took one home and practiced my children said WOW mum is playing the ukulele.’

For more information contact Jemma Bagley (Interim Project Manager) jemmarix@aol.com


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