LALU Exhibition and Book launch!


Don’t worry about where to start, take a deep breath, and begin…

A lovely and lively performance from the Ukulele Ladies this afternoon as they launched the exhibition of their own artworks and the book which supports the project.

Lydia introduced the ladies and all the artists who have helped to bring this project to it’s wonderful finale this afternoon. Jemma Bagley also introduced the exhibition which she has curated and Mellow Baku explained how the songs came into life. Then the ladies took over and played us some of their wonderful songs, with much of the audience joining in.

The Book is a collection of the ladies artworks, created during the Monday art sessions with Khush Nubian, Nita Nathwani and Jemma Bagley, with the songs printed alongside which have been written by the ladies with Mellow Baku and Rebecca Percival. The project has inspired some amazing work, songs inspiring artworks and vice versa. All of the work is currently on display at Peepul Enterprise, be sure to get over to see it in person. You can see a selection of the work below but there is much more to see…

This has been such an amazing project, I am so grateful to have been a part of it. I have met some amazing people. A huge thank you to everyone who helped to make this project a reality. I look forward to any future projects with anticipation and excitement…


Book Launch and Exhibition Preview


July 7th 2016
Peepul Enterprise,
Orchardson Avenue,
Leicester, LE4 6DP

Join us for the launch of Project LALU’s first book and touring exhibition – with light refreshments, amazing artwork and original live music and lyrics – supported in performance by renowned artists, Mellow Baku and Rebecca Percivel.
This free event will be an opportunity to meet the artists and organisers, boost your health and wellbeing, find out more, get involved and be inspired…

To book your free place and/or for more information, email Lydia Towsey via:

Drawing to a close


The Monday creative sessions are now finished with Khush Nubian. During the final sessions Khush worked with ladies from the Coffee Morning Baheno group to create a patchwork banner. Regular LALU participants also worked together to create a Look A Lady Ukulele banner.

“Each patchwork square is as individual as the person who made it”

The banners will be displayed with the other artworks created to accompany the lyrics of the songs written by the LALU project members with Mellow Baku.
Jemma is also busy framing up work created with Khush in her first block of workshops ready for the end of project exhibition and celebration evening in mid June.
 20160511_184158 20160511_184110

Even though the Monday classes have now finished the Thursday sessions will continue with Lydia from 2pm till 4pm.

We would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has taken part in this pilot project. Also don’t forget to watch this space for news on the exhibition of artworks that have been created over the year and for the consequent book that will feature images of the artworks as well as the lyrics for the songs written by the ladies with our lovely Mellow Baku.

“Thank you for following us on our musical and artistic journey!”


Springtime textiles



November the 9th saw the start of a new set of workshops designed to create illustrations for the songs written in the Thursday sessions. Jemma Bagley worked with the group to make a start on designing textile pieces which will be mounted onto box canvases for the eventual exhibition. Mini screens have been produced with the lyrics of ‘Springtime’ and will be used to print up fabric to use in the fabric patchwork collages. The group will be exploring several techniques in the next few weeks including screen printing, fabric painting, appliqué and embroidery to produce their finished works. We do have a couple of spaces left in the Monday session. Remember sessions are free and run from 1pm until 3pm on a Monday. Email if you or someone you know are interested. Support workers are most welcome.

20151109_143306 20151109_143429

Peepul Enterprise Performance


Sunday 8th November 11.30am – 4pm


Diwali-Festival-2015The ladies have just completed another fantastic performance this time at the Peepul Enterprise as part of a full day of events for Diwali.






“My musicality has improved. And my confidence in playing.”

“There’s a sense of pride and pleasure. We wrote that, we did that!”

“Fun and nourishing to be part of.”

A wonderful performance from the ladies today with special guest Lydia Towsey joining us once again to lead the Ukulele playing along with one of our lovely volunteers, and Rebecca Percival leading the percussion.



The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming and wholly supportive. We followed a marvelous healthy eating cooking demonstration from one of the Peepul Enterprises’ very own uniquely skillful cooks.


“Excellent! Very well thought out lyrics & lots of enthusiasm. Well done!”

“Happy!!!! Feel filled up of sunshine!”

“Was really good and funny. Like the original songs.”



Thank you to the Peepul Enterprise for putting on a lovely day of events and for hosting the ladies. Well done once again ladies on another successful performance.


Rockin’ the Fanzone




A massive well done to all the ladies from the Look-A-Lady-Ukulele group who took part in yesterday evenings performance at the Rugby Fanzone in Victoria Park, Leicester.

The LALU ladies led by Mellow Baku and Rebecca Percival took to the stage at 6pm on the eve of world mental health day to rock the audience. The group that performed represented about a third of the LALU ladies.

We met early at Peepul Enterprise, a familiar place for all, which we were thankful of what with the pre show jitters beginning to set in. From here we all made our way as one to Victoria Park Fanzone for what was to be, for most of the ladies, our first performance.

Thank you to all the guys at the Fanzone for making our arrival and set up an easy and enjoyable experience. We arrived in good time and had about an hour to get on stage and practice.

Here we all are having a good ol’ practice and really getting into the swing of things.

By this time most of the ladies pre show nervousness had vanished and their excitment and enthusiasm started to show through. But only when the lights came up and Mellow introduced everyone did it burst forth in the first of the songs they played – Springtime on my Hands – one of the ladies very own songs.


Everyone held their own and the ladies voices rang out as they performed the other songs in their repertoire including ‘Hound-dog’, ‘Three Little Birds’ and another one of their own creation, ‘City Life Blues’.

A wonderful show and a great time was had by all. The smiles on the ladies faces as they retreated from the stage after their set was truly uplifting. Well worth braving the cold.

Thank you to everyone who made a special trip to cheer on the ladies on their first performance. I hope there will be many more to come.


A special thank you to Peepul Enterprises, Juliana and Emma for all their help at workshops and practice sessions. And to Mellow and Rebecca for their guidance and support in writing and performing the songs. Also to Jemma, Lydia and Tim. We wouldn’t be here without you all.

Crafts with Khush

Khush and the ladies have been progressing well with their latest workshops.

13012760_10154104155902442_834816935601377395_n 13043398_10154104155962442_4829045472810174873_n

Using the songs they have written with Mellow as inspiration the ladies are creating fabric banners which will go in the exhibition coming soon along with all the other art works created by the ladies.



Farewell For Now

Last Thursday saw the last of musician and singer Mellow Baku’s ukulele session with the ladies. Here’s what she had to say…

“A Wonderful Week of Workshops. My last LookALadyUkulele Session (for now) Thanks so much to Project LALU Ladies for beautiful goodbye card and amazing gifts”


“I’ve loved being part of such a great project”

Thank you Mellow for all your amazing hard work, we hope to meet and work with you again very soon.

Ceramic Success!

This Monday the 21st March saw the last session that Nita Nathwani ran for the project. We asked her to extend her session for the last few so that she could spend some time with the Coffee Morning Group. The group have made tiles and other 3d items that represents them individually. Nita asked them to express themselves, what surrounds them, the familiar, what makes them happy. The tiles are filled with patterns and motifs special to the ladies in the group.The LALU group that follows on from the Coffee Morning Group on a Monday have also made tiles and vessels.

They started off by collecting snippets of collage and drawing in a specially made personal sketchbook.  These little collections influenced the design of the ceramic items.

The tiles will be mounted onto blocks for exhibition once the project has ended. Thanks to Nita for helping the participants to create such a beautiful and individual set of work for the project. We got some very positive feedback from everyone about the ceramic experiences.

20160321_131301-1 20160321_131311-1
After the bank holiday break we welcome back fine artist Khush Nubian. She will run the last block of this pilot project and the materials will change from ceramics to textiles and collage. Thats the 4th April for the start of the final block. Please email tim Sayers for more info or just come along on the day we start at 1pm and finish at 3pm the sessions are free including all materials. Work produced during the sessions will be exhibited at Peepul Enterprises in June and then toured around Leicester until the end of the year.

Welcome Back!

20151109_143429section2 20151109_143429section1

Welcome back to the start of a very busy new year.

So far Jemma Bagley has run the art sessions on Mondays, helping the ladies create some beautiful artworks based on their song ‘Springtime’. As you can guess the pieces are so very bright and fresh they really inspire the soul. Each piece has been screen printed with lines from the song.

Back with us again in February is our lovely Nita Nathwani, running ceramic workshops.

More on the art sessions soon …

Art Workshops


All creative art workshops are FREE to attend and take place on Mondays from 1pm to 3pm at the Peepul Enterprise, Orchardson Avenue, Leicester, LE4 6DP

If you would like to take part please don’t hesitate to drop into the centre, or you can email interim project manager Jemma Bagley