This project is funded by Arts Council England

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT)

Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust (LPT) provides a range of health services for Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland. Serving a population of one million & employing 6,000 staff. Our mission, to ‘advance health & wellbeing for individuals & communities.’

LPT’s Arts Coordinator’s have been in place for six years. Following three years of funding from Arts Council England, LPT mainstreamed the role & expanded over two posts. Our artistic programme features an expanding portfolio of in-house & in partnership projects, including: the award winning, Arts Council funded, Comedy Asylum & Showcase Smoothie (; arts drop-ins; Sounds Inclusive, inpatient music programme; touring service user art exhibitions, & majorly supporting individual service using artists to design, fund & deliver projects.

Peepul Enterprise

Peepul Enterprise (formally Peepul Centre) offered a diverse arts programme throughout 2013/14 – including: contemporary dance & lyric writing workshops & family performances; ‘Let’s Dance’ showing “Autograph” in association with Dance4; “Shiva Shakti – Masterclass” & Spanish “Del Revés” dance company. Supporting emerging, local artists, they have developed partnerships with many organisations & provided performance opportunities for young people & newcomers including Nurpur Arts Dance Academy, Attitude Dance, OSP Dance, CICD, Ann Oliver Stage School, English Martyrs Secondary School & Shruti Arts.

Creative Leicestershire

Creative Leicestershire support contemporary artists and creative businesses to work effectively across a range of economic and social agendas in partnership with other agencies and aim to increase investment, employment and improve access to employment within the arts sector in Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland. For more information see:

NHS England

NHS England (East Midlands Strategic Clinical Network) is supporting Look-a-Lady-Ukulele with funds to create work towards Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust’s ‘Healthy Culture’ project. This is a project designed to boost the health and wellbeing of people living in Leicester and Leicestershire. A set of LALU ‘Healthy Culture’ songs will be published in an exciting ‘Healthy Culture’ publication, launched at a special event on October 22nd. See our calendar and blog for further updates.

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