Drawing to a close

The Monday creative sessions are now finished with Khush Nubian. During the final sessions Khush worked with ladies from the Coffee Morning Baheno group to create a patchwork banner. Regular LALU participants also worked together to create a Look A Lady Ukulele banner.

“Each patchwork square is as individual as the person who made it”

The banners will be displayed with the other artworks created to accompany the lyrics of the songs written by the LALU project members with Mellow Baku.
Jemma is also busy framing up work created with Khush in her first block of workshops ready for the end of project exhibition and celebration evening in mid June.
 20160511_184158 20160511_184110

Even though the Monday classes have now finished the Thursday sessions will continue with Lydia from 2pm till 4pm.

We would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has taken part in this pilot project. Also don’t forget to watch this space for news on the exhibition of artworks that have been created over the year and for the consequent book that will feature images of the artworks as well as the lyrics for the songs written by the ladies with our lovely Mellow Baku.

“Thank you for following us on our musical and artistic journey!”



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